In 1969 first company was created in Lebanon under the name of “Barley Fashion Garments”.
This institution was met with great success and gained appreciation and respect after it imposed itself as one of the most important institution for ready-made clothes. All this was accomplished by good organization and joining the International “Chamber of Commerce” as an international brand. At that time, Italy and France were in control of the fashion world so the institution sent a team of skilled designers to learn European standards by undergoing training sessions in Paris and Rome. After a short period of time the first branch was created in Armenia, the country of origin for the owner of the company Mr. Varouj which achieved great success. Since the Lebanese taste in clothes is similar to the Armenian taste, the company launched its activities in Lebanon by participating in the yearly “Bhamdoun International Exhibition” one of the most important exhibitions in the region in terms of Arab and khaliji visitors especially Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatar clients. This led to the launching of a new brand called “Me 2” located in Central Beirut District.

Barley won numerous international and local awards, including the “Consumer Protection Award under the slogan “The Customer is Always Right”. This was achieved via positive dealing with customers by giving the opportunity of exchanging purchase items or even refunding within a month of purchase, provided the presence of the invoice. Barley won several times the “Certificate of Quality” provided by the Ministry of Commerce, most recently in 2010.

After all this success Barley Fashion has given its agency to Mr. Saud Salim Abdul Aziz Al-Khalifa to establish its first branch in Kuwait in the famous Marina Mall complex. One of the main reasons to enter the Kuwaiti market was the high interest of Kuwaitis in Lebanese taste of clothing and fashion. Barley Fashion wishes him to achieve the greatest success especially in the presence of major competing companies within the complex.

Barley Fashion aims to spread fashion in the hearts of the Kuwaiti people and to provide the best in terms of quality, value and price.

Barley Fashion’s products for all four seasons of the year can be seen in the company’s website.

Introduced to you by Mr. Shant Sarkissian

Managing and Executive Director of Barley Fashion

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